Robert Stuart-Smith
Director  |  AML-UCL 

Robert is a Co-Founding Director of UCL Computer Science’s Autonomous Manufacturing Lab (AML) and Founding Director of University of Pennsylvania's AML.  He is a Principle Research Associate in the Department Of Computer Science at University College Of London, and an Assistant Professor Of Architecture at University of Pennsylvania. Robert is currently a Co-Investigator for Aerial Additive Building Manufacturing (Aerial ABM) — A £2.4mil EPSRC Funded Research Project aimed at developing an autonomous multi-agent robotic 3d printing system for in-situ building construction.


Sebastian Kay
PhD Researcher

Sebastian Kay is a PhD Student in UCL Computer Science’s Autonomous Manufacturing Lab (AML) where he investigates the use of collaborative heterogenous robot systems for manufacturing and construction. Sebastian has a background in physics (BSc) and computer vision (MSc) and has worked as a computer modelling engineer evaluating corrosion protection systems in the energy industry. His research interests include natural emergent systems, behaviour-based robotics, computer vision, virtual reality, human-robot interaction, and autonomous robotics.

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Vijay Pawar
Director  |  AML-UCL

With Robert, Vijay is a Co-founding Director of AML-UCL. With a background in Computer Science, Robotics and Virtual Environments, to date he has developed a research portfolio >£6.0M from UK and European research agencies. Within this remit, Vijay leads the multidisciplinary team at AML-UCL developing autonomous and semi-autonomous robotic tools to help manipulate objects across multiple scales. In partnership with Prof. Srinivasan, he also project manages activities at the TouchLab specialising in robotics research for applications in the Life Sciences and Biology. 


Mohammad Hamid
PhD Researcher

Mohammad Hamid is a PhD Student in UCL-Computer Science’s Autonomous Manufacturing Lab (AML). Mohammad is currently developing mobile ground-based robots (UGVs) multi-agent control for use within the Aerial ABM research project into on-site 3d printed construction.  He holds an MSc from Kings College and a Ba in Mechanical Engineering from University of Leicester. Mohammad's Masters research focused on the development of rehabilitation gloves for stroke patients that involved wearable EMG sensors. He has previous experience in the study of fatigue in composite materials, and the development of wind turbine control systems. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Systems, micro-controllers and programming. 


Mandayam A. Srinivasan
Investigator  |  AML-UCL

aka Srini, is Prof. of Haptics in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics (VEGE) group at UCL-CS, and founder of the MITTouchLab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Research Laboratory of Electronics. His research has played a pivotal role in establishing the multidisciplinary field of haptics which underpins key manufacturing challenges in human-robot collaboration. He is a recognised world authority on human and machine haptics, teleoperation, and robotic manipulation. As PI/Co-I, MS achievements include: a prestigious ERC-Advanced Grant, founding member of the EPSRC UK-RAS Network, IEEE and NASA best paper awards, in addition to EPSRC and Hans Fischer fellowships.